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About Our Company

Results Thinking Solutions is devoted to the creation of programs that help people achieve better results using a process called Re-THINK!

The Re-THINK! Job Search Program specifically applies the proven Re-THINK! processes to empower job seekers so they get back to work faster.

In today’s economy, companies everywhere are going through stressful downsizing and restructuring. Good people are losing their jobs. We understand how important it is to do the right thing for those downsized employees.

We’ve put over twenty years of experience into creating the Re-THINK! Outplacement Program.

  • Employees benefit professionally and personally from this powerful program.
  • We've designed the program as virtual outplacement including an in depth audio-program, a powerful program workbook, weekly group coaching calls, and a special participant web connection where job seeker stay connected, have access to updated resources including audios recordings, videos, group coaching call schedules, as well as become part of an important web community where they encourage, support and interact with each other. This makes Re-THINK! the perfect affordable option for companies who want to support their downsized employees, yet don’t have a large budget.

Experience, expertise, and knowledge of the job search process

The Re-THINK! program is designed and taught by a Master Certified Results Coach and Recruiting Expert. With over twenty years of coaching, career counseling, recruiting, training and sales experience, there is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration built into each and every session in the program. Additionally, we’ve tapped into many experts in the job search/outplacement field to include up-to-date tactics for today’s job seeker. Results Thinking Solutions specializes in helping people shift their thinking to produce results for personal and business success.

Our founder, Donna Fedor, comes from the recruiting world and knows what hiring managers, corporate recruiters, and independent recruiters are looking for as they are going through the selection process. She also knows exactly where job seekers go wrong in their job searching strategies.

People enjoy working with Donna Fedor
and the Re-THINK program

Results Thinking Solutions puts a huge emphasis to support people in identifying self-destructive thoughts and behaviors and in developing themselves first so they can be successful in their job search and all areas of their life.

Thank you so much for your help during my job search process. I was motivated by the presentation. You helped me prepare and focus. Within a few weeks, I was interviewing with 3 companies and having discussions with a few others. I was very confident. You helped me nail my interviews!

-downsized employee who found a new job as a Director of Creative Services

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Donna Fedor
Founder of Results Thinking Solutions