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Why Choose Re-THINK!

Give employees what they really need, not just resume and job searching skills. The Re-THINK! Job Search Program is more valuable. It addresses downsized employees’ emotional state, and also shifts their thinking. You need to change thinking first in order to achieve desired results.

Only Re-THINK! addresses the 3 key components of success for downsized employees. The Re-THINK! program:

  1. Provides practical job seeking tools and training including interview skills, resumes, cover letters, finding job leads, etc. (Included in most outplacement services)
  2. Addresses employee’s emotional state and provides coaching to deal with the trauma, fear and change. (Included in some outplacement services)
  3. Changes the way people think. Only the Re-THINK! Job Search Program gets rid of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that impede the progress of the job search and increases self-esteem and confidence levels; Employees operate from a point of confidence focusing on opportunities rather than obstacles. (Re-THINK! only)

Re-THINK! is an affordable program that works

Help your downsized employees get better results in their job search with our proven effective, program.

  • Better results – Laid off employees are inspired and have a quicker more successful transition to a new job.
  • A fraction of the cost of other Outplacement Programs - The Re-THINK! Program start as low as $497 per employee.
  • Endorsed by HR Directors and companies – See what employers have to say about Re-THINK!
  • Employees love it - See what employees have to say about Re-THINK!
  • Reduced liability and improved morale - Instead of being angry, resentful, even planning legal action, this program puts downsized employees in a better mind-set focused on a successful future.


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See how employees benefit »

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