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How Employees Benefit

Help laid off employees work through their emotions of fear and anger, give them valuable job search tools and processes, AND literally help them change the way they think to be more successful.

With the Re-THINK! Job Search Program your downsized employees will:

Get another job quickly

  • They’ll learn which action steps will help them find a new job quickly.
  • They’ll be more successful in their job search by changing the way they network and interview.

Change their thoughts to get better results

  • What a person thinks is a precursor to their actions.
  • People shift and gain momentum by shifting their thoughts.
  • Your employees will uncover thoughts that are sabotaging their success.
  • See our Rave Reviews from other program participants in their own words about how they reconnected with their passion, found a new way of thinking and got better results from their job search.

Get access to the teachings of our founder, Donna Fedor – a highly respected Results Coach with a long track record of success

  • Results Thinking Solution’s founder Donna Fedor comes from both the coaching profession and the recruiting industry. She knows what Recruiters are looking for.
  • See our Rave Reviews for feedback from HR Professionals and Recruiters, and what they have to say about Donna Fedor.
  • Results Thinking Solutions taps into many experts in the job search and outplacement field as well as Fortune 500 talent acquisition leaders for up-to-date tactics for today’s job seeker.

Conduct their job search from a place of
confidence rather then fear

  • They’ll take back control and gain the self-confidence to go
    after the job of their dreams.
  • They’ll master skills and tools to quiet self-doubt and focus
    on more effective thoughts and behaviors.

Learn on their time schedule

  • Some people are ready to start right away after their lay off. Others need to take some time to travel, think, re-evaluate. Downsized employees start when they’re ready.

Receive long-term help and support

  • This is not a one-time event where people quickly forget the majority of what they’ve learned in a workshop.
  • Your employees can use these CD’s forever. Users listen to this valuable material over and over. We often hear stories like this: "I have to tell you that I listen and re-listen to your audio programs and you have become my daily personal coach."
  • Laid off employees can share the CD’s and workbook with other family or friends to help in their job search process.
  • Our weekly Re-THINK! Power Calls are an added bonus for laid off employees who want to connect and benefit from weekly inspiration and support. Every week their power is refreshed and restored in these group coaching calls.
  • The Re-THINK! Web Connection is a special place for Program Members to access updated group coaching calls, the latest job search guidance including new content, audio recordings, videos, and their own Re-THINK! Web Forum where job seekers connect, inspire, encourage, and support each other.This interactive community uplifts them throughout their search.

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